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Tue 3rd Nov 2015 - 2:08am Gaming

Hey everyone,

Blog number 2! Let’s see how long this consistency lasts.

Few exciting things have been happening in JAM land since my last blog.

Stevo got partnered with Twitch! FINALLY! He has been working so long and hard for this and I am very grateful to have been there for the ride. There will be a proper news post about it soon and hopefully a special giveaway to celebrate. Make sure you go congratulate him. Stevo usually streams between 7-12 AEST on


JAM RL AU has been destroying everyone recently. They moved up to #2 in the official OCE power-rankings and will be eyeing that #1 spot if their current form continues into the opening matches of the season (starting Thursday 930pm on The Top 5 Plays Rocket-League edition with EJ is also starting soon! Keep an eye out for that.

The CS:GO team will be playing ESEA finals soon and we are hoping for a strong finish to get a look in for div2 next season. GL to the boys. We are also searching for 1-2 subs for next season, trials are this week so check out our CG post if you are interested.

On a personal note, I didn’t get into Overwatch beta ( FeelsBadMan ). I’ll just have to wait like most of the other people who applied. The salt levels rise sometimes when I see people on my bnet or twitch playing. I just hope Blizzard doesn’t leave the Oceanic scene behind. I already feel like zero competitive players from AU/NZ made it into the beta which has already set us behind as a region. We will just have to work even harder to put the region on a high level competitively. I think this game can really push our region into the esports limelight and I want JAM to be there for the ride. Watch this space!

That’s it for this week. Make sure to follow all our social media for updates. There will be more CS:GO skin giveaways this month.




Chris Bridle

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