'HOTS State of Affairs' by JAM Hurdles

Thu 7th Jan 2016 - 5:16am Gaming

'State of Affairs – ANZ Heroes of the Storm' An opinion piece by JAM Hurdles

I have currently been playing this Heroes of the Storm since Alpha (with a 3 month break due to some of the reasons I am going to mention below) and as time has progressed and I talk to more and more people, it has been brought to my attention, that there are quite a large number of issues with the ANZ HOTS scene. Most of which can be addressed by every individual in their own way, sooner rather than later. As I am sure word is slowly getting around that, JAM (Just A Minute Gaming), have just sponsored a team and I was one of the lucky few to have been selected to play on this team. Now, for those of you who know who I am, I am certainly not the best. But, best thing about this is, neither are you.

We are currently in the market for a player or two to help fill a void in our team, however, looking at the players in the scene (almost all of them), there are none that we are able to fill that void with. Don’t get me wrong, we have lots and lots of great talent on the ANZ server. But, it’s the toxicity of players which causes us to be unable to even show the slightest bit of interest in selecting  the majority for our team. Some of you might be thinking, but, we’re just better than you and wouldn’t waste our time with your team. Fine think that.

Every one of the reasons we aren’t picking up a lot of players is exactly the reason why sponsors won’t show any interest in our scene. It’s quite sad to see so many good players that act the way they do. In order for JAM, or any other company to want to support our scene and possibly you, as a player, people need to tone down their ego’s, exceptionally. The ego’s in which I see in the ANZ hots scene are beyond a joke. Everyone is too busy acting like the best to even become close to being the best. People are too busy verbally abusing one another and then dying because they’re typing a message at how angry they are at their teammate for doing something wrong, instead of doing something valuable themselves. People are too busy bragging or putting other people down to realise that, by doing this, they’re being extremely counterproductive to any progress that they could make in this game. People are too busy pointing out other peoples mistakes to ever seem to look at their own. I hear a lot of people complaining about having bad Match Making and yes, there certainly is some bad matchmaking out there, but, sometimes instead of going ballistic at someone, maybe those of you who are better, should try teaching someone something and those of you who aren't as good as the better players, should pull their heads out of the clouds and learn something, so that next time you play with them, they’re hopefully a better player or you're hopefully a better player and give you and your team a better game. Maybe, if everyone would tone down their egos we would have more teams form, better games played, an actual division which would actually draw some attention from Blizzard or someone else like JAM to help boost our ANZ community and possibly give some of us that want it a chance to play for something more than just a bit of fun.

As it stands at the moment the majority of players can’t represent themselves individually well enough for any form of sponsor to even be interested in having a player represent them as a company and because of this, the APL, which was going to start on the 15th of January 2016, might not be able to be run, as management for this event do not want to, nor have to, put up with any form of toxicity which has become a plague in our ANZ community. If the APL is unable to run, then we, as the small community we are, are going to be stuck with Matchmaking and an MMR system which is designed for a much larger community and therefore does not work in the ANZ scene. The APL is a chance for some of our Top players to be ranked inside our own server and not against the Americas server. It will give us a more accurate MMR system.

Finally and most importantly, for those who love this game and there is a lot of us who do. It is up to you to start making a difference in order to tone down the toxicity on our server. If we don't, then people are going to get tired of it and they're going to leave the game. If that continues, our server will get smaller and smaller and eventually, there will be a good chance that blizzard will close the server due to a lack of interest in the ANZ Heroes of the Storm scene.

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