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Fri 23rd Oct 2015 - 10:54pm General

Hey guys!

I’m going to be writing a regular blog for to show you what has been happening behind the scenes from my perspective as the manager and what is to come in the future. This is going to be an informal style so expect me to ramble and BS occasionally. The first blog will be a bit long sorry!

Firstly, thanks for reading and for supporting JAM! I’m very happy and proud with our entry into eSports. We have a solid core of passionate JAM’ers who are getting the word out and building our community. I find myself very busy every day with management tasks including graphics, videos, research, promotion and chilling in Discord with the team!

What’s been happening?

I am very happy to have this website finally live to centralize all of our teams and communities. I hope to convince some of our members to post their own gaming blogs on the website.

The US RL team are on the mend after the departure of nVision. Picking up ldfalcon and skarren to fill out the roster. The core US RL players (electro and f3ltup) are 2 of the most active, loyal and passionate JAM members I have. I know they will continue to push the team to new heights.

The CS:GO boys sadly lost in the CGa Quarter Final match this week. They are gutted, but I am very proud of how far they have come in their first competitive season. We had a roster shake-up mid season with xeL being replaced by Stez (midnight funk) which definitely threw a spanner in the works. This current core roster has potential to go far and they will be focusing on the upcoming ESEA matches and on the post-season CG tournament. With some more experience under high pressure and against better opponents the boys will feel more comfortable and confident in themselves.

The TF2 US Highlander squad is almost complete. We are just looking for a dedicated engi for season 18. There is still a lot of time before the next season but I know the team will be looking to practice in our new JAM TF2 server!

Very happy with the new DOTA2 team with a good group of highly skilled players. Looking forward to the start of some tournaments in October and solidifying the team in the high rankings.

What is coming up?

Tomorrow at 10am AEST the AU RL team is playing a qualifying tournament for the CGi Plantronics League. This is the top league for AU RL and they go into the tournament as 1st seed. Very excited for the season and to see the team continue to improve. The tournament will run all day and I’ll be posting plenty of social media updates during the day (it will also be streamed on gamestah1 on twitch).

OVERWATCH BETA !!!! I have been obsessed with this game since I saw the Blizzcon Trailer in 2014. One of the goals of JAM is to create a competitive OW team to lead the Oceanic region to international victories. Once the OCE servers are online and AU/NZ players can get their hands on a beta invite (or let’s just release the game plz) you can expect JAM to be a name in this game. I really have high hopes for competitive OW (plz blizz don’t screw this up). Right now I have pretty much told myself I’m not getting into beta. Even if I did, I doubt the AU servers will be online and playing on 150ping doesn’t sound that good to me (would still do it though). My entire twitch life will be watching others play that game while I cry.

That’s it from me for now. You can expect more blogs! If you want to ask me questions I think there should be a comments section or you can tweet @jamgamingau or come join our Discord Server ! 



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Chris Bridle

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