Presenting JAM FGC!

Wed 21st Jun 2017 - 7:51am Gaming

We are happy to announce our final player for the JAM FGC roster, Jacky "handsomeboi123" Ng. Handsomeboi123 is a long time Tekken veteran of over 10 years. He has dominated the Australian scene for many years even proven himself at Japanese arcades. We look forward to what he will accomplish at his first Australian major tournament representing JAM, OzHadou Nationals 15 in September.

Follow @JAM_hboi123 on Twitter.





We are excited to announce Duc Tri Tran Ho, aka ‘Dooky’, as our second signing for JAM FGC. Dooky is a young up-and-coming Street Fighter V player who has already proved himself as a threatening force time after time at Australian tournaments. We look forward to supporting him in his first major tournament under the JAM banner at OzHadou Nationals 15 in September.

Follow @JAM_Dooky on Twitter.




We are pleased to present Blake 'Castiel' Asquith as the first Player for JAM FGC! Castiel is a fierce competitor in the ANZ Injustice 2 scene and currently sits undefeated in the Gamestah 'Injustah' series. We are proud to be supporting Blake and look forward to a strong showing at Ozhadou Nationals in September.

Make sure to follow him on Twitter (@JAM_Castiel) and keep an eye out for his first stream, coming soon!

We are announcing the 2nd Player for JAM FGC tomorrow night on the JAM socials.



Chris Bridle

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