JAM signs Astroboy and Python for QuakeCon 2017!

Tue 11th Jul 2017 - 4:09am Gaming

ANZ Quake players have proven themselves on the international stage multiple times and we couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to showcase the region at QuakeCon 2017. JAM is excited to support the growth of competitive Quake Champions in ANZ and we look forward to sharing their passion for the game as they play against the best in the world. We are thankful for the opportunity to showcase competitive Quake Champions to local fans. Get behind Python and Astroboy (formerly 'dandaking') as they look to make their mark in Dallas, August 24-27th.

The players have prepared a statement below.

"It is great to be back playing the only game I have a true passion for. It’s been a long time since I have played at an international level but I hope that everyone has not forgotten about me; if they have they will soon see. When I first saw the new game I loved everything about it and then I saw duel and felt like the changes from Quake Live really suited my play style even more. The game does play a lot differently but I have been practicing hard out on both Australian and American servers to get in the maximum possible games and test my brain vs. aim on high ping (it is hard don’t try this at home). I am very excited to be playing for JAM Gaming and just really want to put everything I have into this trip. Chris has been very accommodating and patient while I made this decision but make no mistake I’ll be coming for first place. Keen to spread some JAM!"

Daniel 'Astroboy' De Sousa

"I'm excited to be heading back to Quakecon again after having such a good time last year. Having never been to Quakecon, I loved how everything was just about Quake. Unfortunately John (Zero4) ended my tournament run earlier than I would've wanted but I enjoyed the competition nonetheless. I can't wait to attend this year's Quakecon, I'm confident I can put on a good show for everyone and will do my best to make Australia's Quake community proud. Thanks to JAM for supporting Quake and to Mick for putting it all together. I look forward to seeing and hopefully attending some great events outside of Quakecon both locally and internationally."

Andrew 'Python' Chacha

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Chris Bridle

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