Analysis with Shalthis - RLCS Bracket

Thu 1st Jun 2017 - 12:38pm

JAM.RL successfully earned a spot in the RLCS World Championship. Like I said several times, they join Alpha Sydney in the RLCS but they couldn’t win against AS in the grand finals of Throwdown Esports’ Rocket League OCE Championship LAN Event. At the LAN, we were nearly eliminated in the Lower Bracket by 1More and Sandcastle. But after completing the reverse sweep against 1More and a Game 7 victory over Sandcastle – the team that sent them to the Lower Bracket and nearly defeated Alpha Sydney – JAM would win the Lower Bracket, secure their spot in RLCS, and secure a grand finals matchup with Alpha Sydney.

As I mentioned, they couldn’t fully beat AS in the grand finals, but they earned a spot in RLCS as the #2 OCE seed and $3,300 AUD. JAM Gaming first has to deal with Northern Gaming and, if they win, next is NRG, the NA Regional Champions and one of the world’s most challenging teams. Now, this is a double elimination bracket. If they get sent to the Lower Bracket, there’s no telling who JAM will have to face. The same can be said for any team that goes to the Lower Bracket.

Surviving Northern Gaming is a big test, however. Not only does NG want to stay in the Upper Bracket and win the whole thing, but they hold the best RLCS EU League Play record, having only lost 2-3 to The Leftovers. NG also had a bye and automatic entry to the RLCS LAN. They lost to eventual EU Regional Champions Mock-It eSports.

Assuming JAM makes it past Northern Gaming and NRG, they get the winner of Flipid3 – the defending RLCS Season 2 World Champions – and Selfless Gaming. JAM.RL won’t face Alpha Sydney in the Upper Bracket unless they both make the Upper Bracket Finals. As for the Lower Bracket, they could meet in the 1st round of the LB if JAM loses to Northern Gaming and AS loses to Denial Esports.

JAM has a lot of work to do before the RLCS LAN Finals to prepare for some of the best teams in the world.


Written by Shalthis (JAM Ambassador)



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