JAM presents: Season 2 Rocket League

Tue 26th Jan 2016 - 4:52am Gaming

Schmeval Rever Nugget

nVision (Coach)


After a tough selection process I am very happy to present Schmeval, Rever and Nugget as JAM Rocket League for Season 2. The former Valiant boys have proven themselves as fierce competitors in the top Oceanic Leagues and, with the help of coach nVision, are looking to make a big impact. Schmeval, Rever and Nugget have shown constant professionalism, commitment and drive throughout their careers and I am extremely happy to welcome them to the JAM family. I am also excited to introduce nVision to the Oceanic scene and am hopeful his expertise can provide a fresh outlook into our strategies and techniques.

“We’re stoked to be joining JAM Gaming for season 2 of CGp! JAM has been super active in the OCE Rocket League community ever since the beginning of CG Pro Leagues which is great to see, and their performance in season 1 was nothing short of spectacular. We hope to build on this success in season 2, with the goal of making it to the first Rocket League LAN finals in April! Many newly formed teams will be joining us in CGp this season, and while their individual skill is really high we believe that the synergy we have developed over the long term in addition to the guidance from nVision as coach will give us the edge we need over the competition!”


“I started playing Rocket League about a year ago, and joined my first competitive team in October of 2015 when I signed on with JAM Gaming as a North American player. After I left JAM, once my contract was up, I was picked up by up and coming team Fusion Corps Blue. While playing with them I learned a lot, facing top teams such as Nexus, iBuyPower, Flipsid3 Tactics, and many other well known teams. Eventually, we made a top 10 placement in Rocket League Central's power rankings, and with this came a lot of new changes. While playing with Fusion Corps, I also did a lot of shoutcasting on the side. Analyzing plays and dissecting the game at its core, and eventually met up with FreezingWolves (former RL coach of Noble eSports). We became good friends, and he told me I should get into coaching in order to help teams out. I started my coaching endeavour with the team I knew most, Fusion Corps. I helped them get their strategies down, learn to counterplay the opponent, and got them into the top 4 of ESL Go4 Rocket League Cup twice in a row, only falling short to NeXus and SnK eSports. Now, Fusion Corps has disbanded, and I am proud to be a part of the growing OCE scene of Rocket League by joining JAM Gaming as the coach for the new OCE squad!”


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nVision (Coach)



Chris Bridle

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