JAM welcomes Mitchello

Thu 7th Jul 2016 - 12:54pm Gaming

JAM Overwatch has been evolving since closed beta and today marks a critical step towards our competitive goals. We would like to officially welcome former Incept member 'Mitchello' as our flex player. His experience and versatility in the game allows us to smoothly transition through the rapidly changing meta. The hard work continues as we look towards challenging the top 2 power ranked teams in the upcoming weeks.

Following are some words from Jimeb and Michello:

Finding new teammates is never an easy thing to do but we felt that Mitch brings a positive and constructive attitude that was necessary for us to improve. On top this he brings to us his experience and commitment to the game since early closed beta which allowed is to be more confident of our long term goals as a team.

Jimeb - JAM Captain

Very happy to join the team, great guys that have worked very hard to be where they are. I predict some great games in the future and I'm excited to be here.


The ANZ Overwatch scene is extremely competitive and the community is always welcoming and positive. We are excited for what the future holds for the overall scene in the region.

Thanks for supporting JAM Gaming! #spreadtheJAM



Chris Bridle

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