Welcome Bloomie as JAM Community Manager

Sun 31st Jul 2016 - 5:46am Gaming

JAM Gaming welcomes ‘Bloomie’ as Community Manager. This role is a bridge between the organisation and the community. Bloomie will create and manage a wide variety of content on the JAM network including blogs, player interviews and provide general community support. We will be targeting a content gap in the ANZ competitive Overwatch scene and aim to highlight the community on a local and international level.

Below is a short interview with Bloomie regarding his gaming history and the Community Manager position at JAM Gaming.


Can you give us a short history of your gaming career?

Started playing Starcraft back in 1998 and transitioned into counter-strike 1.6 upon release where I played for AlphaLegion, CautioN, Vamped and EuphoriC built up a good friendship base. Got heavily involved in WoW and raided in one of the top OCE guilds through every expansion. Without going into any more detail I'm now heavily invested into Overwatch and the ANZ E-sports region.


What is your vision for content creation from the Community Manager role?

My goal is to bring informative and engaging content to the ANZ community and grow the brand of JAM.


JAM has always been a community focused organization, How does the Community Manager role support this goal?

My hope is to bring content to the community that engages their desire within E-Sports, bringing relevant content to the community and building good relationships.


Where can we contact you?

‚ÄčI'm found on Twitter at @JAMBloomie or by email for business‚Äč inquires.



Chris Bridle

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