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Sun 14th Aug 2016 - 1:54pm Gaming

The team atmosphere and expectations leading up to Zowiestah finals was rapidly deteriorating with marginal results leading up to the event. We made the tough decision to swap long term support/flex player 'Mokyun' with 'Rqt' fresh from his departure from Untitled Spreadsheet (USS). This move was hugely successful and we qualified for the Zowiestah finals (narrowly losing to USS 2-1). Not long afterwards, an opportunity arose to pick up 'Kiki' in place of 'Mitchello' in the flex role and our results since this addition (in scrims and in today's ESL Major Cup #2) have been outstanding. We are extremely happy with these additions to JAM Overwatch and look forward to continuing to be one of the most feared teams in the region.

We took the opportunity to ask Jimeb, Rqt and Kiki about the changes to JAM Overwatch and what to expect for the future.

"Excited to join JAM, extremely grateful I have the opportunity to play alongside some of the best players in the scene, looking forward to further improving as a team and pushing for number 1 in OCE" - Kiki

"JAM has been around for a long time and the team is full of individually talented players making it no surprise at how consistent the team has been since closed beta. However, teamplay and decision making has been one of the only reasons from stopping JAM from being the best team in the country. With the new roster changes we’ve been able to address these issues and the new JAM gaming will be disappointed with anything less than being number one." - Rqt

"Coming out of the Zowie Gamestah playoffs we felt much more motivated as a team to compete butalso felt that we still had several aspects of our game holding us back. Bringing in Rqt made a huge difference to our team comms and coordination that we felt we were lacking before. Furthermore, Kiki's inclusion to the team lineup is a big confidence booster in filling the high impact flex-tank role which is almost the key to success in teamplay right now." - Jimeb

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