Welcome HideousAdamz to the JAM Stream Team!

Mon 10th Oct 2016 - 6:28am Gaming

JAM Gaming is proud to welcome the latest addition to the JAM Stream Team, HideousAdamz! Adam has been streaming since March and has already amassed over 9,000 subscribers on Youtube Gaming. He has a strong Call of Duty background and now mixes it up with a variety of games including GTA, Rocket League, CS:GO, FIFA and Minecraft. You can always expect to enjoy a good laugh when you tune into HideousAdamz. We had the opportunity to ask Adam about his gaming history, how he got into streaming, his role models and challenges. Check out the interview below.


Can you describe your stream to new viewers? What can we expect when tuning in to HideousAdamz for the first time?

My streams are always a good laugh, I always strive to make my streams a happy, fun and energetic environment.

Something you can expect from my streams is for me to be extremely interactive with my viewers. Always saying Hello, welcoming the viewers into the stream, asking about their day and so on. Since I strive to make the streams as fun as I can, you can expect to see a few bloopers here and there, but as long as I can make you laugh, that's all that really matters! I think this is a huge thing to do when making a Live Stream, so I make sure that I interact and make you laugh as much as possible!


What is your gaming history?


My gaming history basically all started when I was fairly young, my father bought a PlayStation 1. Countless hours on it once I had finished homework, playing games like Spyro, Medal Of Honor, Tony Hawk, Crash Bandicoot, Tekken 3 etc. I never had a particular genre I enjoyed the most growing up, I just simply loved playing Video Games.

A couple of years have passed now, and my Dad had now bought the Original Xbox for Christmas as a gift. This changed everything for me! Seeing the advancements in Graphics was incredible, it sparked a whole new love for Video Games. The Halo franchise was a huge game for me in the Original Xbox phase, only to then move on to the Xbox 360.

Xbox 360, safe to say that is my favorite console of all time! I had to opportunity to experience so much in this era. One of those being Xbox Live, the first time I ever got to experience Online Gaming.

The game that sparked me like no other did, was Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare.

The campaign had been finished several times, Split-Screen matches against my Brothers would have to be in the Hundreds. Call Of Duty was something I could never stop playing.


I got to experience Online Gaming for the first time at friends place, who had Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 always loaded in his disc tray on his console. And wow was it incredible.

Call Of Duty was the only franchise I played for years, leading up until March. March was when I launched my first live stream on YouTube Gaming. And the rest is history, playing Games like Rocket League, Grand Theft Auto V and Call Of Duty is what I started my channel off.


How did you get into streaming? Do you have any role models or inspirations in the streaming world?


I never used to have the ability to stream. I had Internet you could call close to Dial Up for a very long time. In March of this year, Fibre Optic was rolled out into my area and we could connect to the network to experience speeds I didn't think I would have seen in at least a few years time. The first thing I wanted to do on it, was to just start a Live Stream. I thought streaming a game to YouTube with a Face cam on the side was such a cool thing, so I wanted to try it, and now we are here today still streaming as often as possible!


I never had a role model in the Streaming world to start off with. In my eyes, there never was a community, every man for them self sort of thing. In around June of 2016, I decided to check out some other streamers to see what I can change to make my streams that little bit better. I stumbled across another Australian streamer named "Kardplays", all I said was a simple Hi in her chat, and the way that she welcomed me into her stream and asked how I was going will be something I will always remember. I joined her Discord server, and started talking about YouTube and Streaming, I spoke about having my own channel and only recently starting it up. Kard had then introduced me to a whole bunch of people that always stream on the platform, a family called the #YTGFam. One of these streamers was someone called "Dibbs". Dibbs had helped me out so much, being taken under their wing was one of the biggest high points of my streamer journey so far.


Kardplays and Dibbs are both my Role Models and Inspirtations, I will forever look up to them.


What are some of the challenges you face as a streamer?


Well, there are a couple of challenges that I personally face.

I work full time as a Mechanic, so streaming is always done in my own time. Some days at work just wear me out, and I have no energy to stream the way I want my streams to be. Thankfully, this doesn't happen very often at all!

The other challenge is Hardware Failure, whether that is from my Capture Device not working, my Broadcasting Software not responding or my PC crashing. You never know what to expect!


What games are currently grabbing your attention?

I have a very wide selection of games I play in my own time. Lately, one of those being CS:GO. It's been out for a while (I know) but I have managed to log over 30 hours in the past 2 weeks! But Forza Horizon 3 and Gears 4 have been really pulling my attention.


What games are you most looking forward to?


Yeah, you guessed it already. Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered are at the top of the list. However, I am very excited for Battlefield 1 as well!


You can tune in to HideousAdamz on Youtube Gaming:

Monday – Friday 8pm AEST


Follow HideousAdamz:

Facebook Page:

Twitter: @adamjhowell1

Instagram: @adam.j.howell

Snapchat: adamhowell1




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