2 Tournament wins in 1 day! Summary and Interview with RQT.

Tue 6th Dec 2016 - 10:22pm Gaming

JAM Gaming was able to prove their dominance over the ANZ scene with a victory in the ESL major cup. The early loss against ‘Love Shack’ pushed them to make a lower bracket run to take home the victory. Rqt highlighted that “the hardest part was coming into ESL off the back of the quarter-finals for Los Muertos the night before”, resulting in a lack of sleep for most of the team members. This factor did not seem to deter the team’s morale as they ran through the lower bracket with ease, eventually defeating their previous enemies ‘Love Shack’ in the finals. The run that JAM proved easy, will likely cement their place in the top of the ANZ Overwatch rankings.

The latter of the two tournaments was APAC ‘Los Muertos’. In an interview with Rqt, he told me “The language barrier was the most difficult hurdle for us to overcome, but we have a great translator - Serenity - to help, so it became almost a non-issue”. While it is implied that the metas are often very similar, even between regions, Rqt informed me that Mei is often more prevalent within the Taiwanese professional scene. This caught the team by surprise at first, but was an easy problem to deal with after level headed thinking and proper decision making. With the overcoming of these problems, JAM was able to make a run to the finals in dominant fashion, eventually defeating the #1 Taiwanese team ‘SyF’ to take home gold. After a marathon of matches and many games, the dominating display of power proved on the 4th of December cements JAM as the #1 team in the APAC and ANZ region.


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