Presenting JAM Overwatch 2017

Thu 29th Dec 2016 - 5:15am Gaming

It is our pleasure to introduce the JAM Overwatch roster for the upcoming Heroes League Summer Series. The former Team Skyfire players have shown tremendous determination and talent throughout the last few months and have proven themselves worthy amongst the top 4 teams in the region. Our goals are to help this team continue to improve and solidify their place at the top of the local scene as well as compete within the wider APAC region.

The following are some words from Team Captain ‘Render’ and Support Player ‘Tak4n ‘ on joining JAM Gaming.

"We are really excited to represent JAM in the upcoming Summer Series, they have provided immense support to their previous teams and have had the biggest hand in the ANZ overwatch scene itself. We will continue to prove that we are a top team and will strive on becoming the best team in AUS, the future will see us taking on the top teams in the APAC and Asian regions."

- Render 

“JAM Gaming was the first team I was a part of when I initially started playing at the beginning of open beta. The organisation was very welcoming and supportive, helping me grow myself as a player when I first started out. I felt myself at home, however I was merely a sub for the team and wasn’t gaining as much experience as I wanted which is ultimately why I left at the beginning of July. JAM Gaming helped me build a name for myself which is why it was easy for me to join another team, this time playing as part of a core roster. I worked hard over this past half a year and I gained an exponential amount of experience. Now almost half a year later, I’m thrilled to be coming back to the family I originally started with. After numerous top 4 finishes in several big events as well as being ranked top 4 in the ANZ power rankings, I feel that JAM Gaming will help us take the next steps necessary to become the best in the region, as well as the best in APAC. I can’t wait to find out what tomorrow will bring, and I am proud to be a part of JAM Gaming family once again.”

- Tak4n

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