Presenting JAM Rocket League!

Fri 10th Feb 2017 - 11:29pm Gaming

It is with great pride that we present SnarfSnarf, Bango and Montyconnor as JAM Gaming Rocket League! Formerly Athletico Esports, the team demonstrated dedication, professionalism and consistency throughout the 2016 competitive season. We are excited to be supporting this extremely successful and talented squad as they work towards maintaining their place at the top of the ANZ Rocket League scene. Our long term partnership will involve competing in local and international LANs when available as well as monthly video content from the players on the JAM YouTube channel.

Read below for some words from SnarfSnarf and Pulse.

“We are proud to become part of the #JAMFAM over at JAM Gaming. With this new home we see it as an opportunity for us to grow as a team and stake our place in the Esports scene alongside JAM. This will be our second year together as a core 3 and with the backing of JAM we expect to make it a great one.”


JAM Rocket League Player

“I admire the raw passion and competitive spirit that emanates from the OCE Rocket League scene and I jumped at the opportunity to work with Snarf, Bango and Monty to achieve their goals in 2017. Everyone at JAM is excited to support the team off the back of their stellar 2016 performance and we look forward to promoting OCE Rocket League on our social media channels.”


JAM Founder/CEO

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Chris Bridle

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