Analysis with Shalthis Week 4

Thu 27th Apr 2017 - 10:31am Gaming

It was a bad week for JAM RL as they lost both of their series (even though they technically got the win over Corvidae due to Disqualification). But they would also be swept 3-0 by Alpha Sydney. So, what does JAM Gaming need to do now?

Their success at LAN (the Throwdown Finals) depends entirely on their success against other OCE teams, which has generally been pretty good. However, JAM RL still has a lot to work on, especially after their loss to Corvidae, a team with nothing to play for, as they were already eliminated from the Throwdown LAN Finals. Can JAM RL succeed and make it to the RLCS World Championships? Absolutely.

JAM RL are one of only four teams to qualify for the Throwdown LAN on 20th and 21st May where they will compete for a share of $20,000 AUD and two spots for the RLCS World Championships on 2nd through 4th June in Los Angeles, California, USA. JAM joins 1More, Sand Castle, and Alpha Sydney in the Throwdown LAN to get the lion’s share of the $20,000 AUD at Throwdown and $300,000 USD prize pool at the RLCS finals not to mention the various player awards for Most Goals, Most Saves, etc. There’s a good chance to win a lot of money here.

JAM RL needs to work on their team plays instead of just wildly hitting the ball at distance to their opponent’s net. While distance booming shots can occasionally work, ball control and dribbling work even better, especially against NA and EU teams. Also, what they need to work on is applying constant pressure on offence. This is where playing the ball a lot closer can benefit them. Maybe they had a bad day. That can happen. They can’t afford a bad day at the Throwdown LAN, however, and they really need to work on that before LAN.

JAM RL needs a series win and their current playstyle will only get them so far. Most of the goals in EU and NA are scored by proximity, so they don’t need many booming shots. Lots of team plays, too, which JAM RL is good at. All that can be said is that JAM RL needs a series win.            JAM RL has been playing too defensively when they need to score.

While their success at the ESL Monthly Finals may indicate that the final League Play week was a fluke, JAM RL has a lot to work on if they’ll succeed at the Throwdown LAN and subsequently, the RLCS World Championships.

Fortunately, JAM RL is looking to get some scrim time with a top NA or EU team during their off time. Good scrim time with any EU or NA team will be useful, as JAM would learn some of the tricks and playstyles within those regions.

Once again, the Throwdown Finals take place on the 20th and 21st May, so be there or watch the event on Twitch.

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Written by Shalthis
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