Analysis with Shalthis Week 5

Mon 8th May 2017 - 1:39am Gaming

With the Throwdown LAN just a  few weeks away, I thought we’d take a look at JAM Gaming Rocket League and their odds at the LAN against other OCE teams and the RLCS against the NA and EU teams that qualify. First off, JAM RL has to face a double elimination bracket, first against Sand Castle and then the other half of the bracket.

In the GO4RL finals, JAM Gaming took out Alpha Sydney, Legacy eSports, and Trident Esports, surviving the double elimination bracket and winning the finals. Now, can they build on that momentum for the Throwdown LAN on 21 May in Sydney? Doubtful that any team will have momentum, considering how long it is between both events.

JAM RL was defeated by Alpha Sydney in the first Throwdown LAN finals and swept by them during the last week of OCE League Play. What can JAM do to avoid a repeat this time? As I mentioned over my last 2 articles, they need to work on being more aggressive and less hammering of the ball for distance goals and more team plays and close proximity shots. Granted, more offensive pressure will result in more goals anyway.

They shouldn’t have a problem with Sand Castle, though I said the same thing about Corvidae when I was talking about their last week of Throwdown League Play. Hopefully, their desire to win and perform well will trump any nerves they may have. In the bracket, all JAM RL has to do is make it to the grand finals to make it to RLCS but they have a difficult run to make having to deal with Sand Castle, Alpha Sydney, and 1More, all of who also qualified for the Throwdown LAN.

These teams are vying for 2 spots at the RLCS World Championships this June in Los Angeles, California, USA and the lion’s share of the $10,500 AUD prize pool. So not only does JAM RL want to make it to the RLCS, they want that $3,900 AUD you get for winning. JAM can win it all with some slight adjustments to their playstyle.

Now, there’s no way to know for sure who JAM RL will play against other than Sand Castle so they’re going to have to prepare for all of the other teams in the bracket of the Throwdown LAN finals. They did fairly well in the League Play, but they were also swept by Alpha Sydney, one of their competitors at the LAN and probably one of the favorites to reach the RLCS World Championship. Its best that JAM RL takes a close look at how Alpha Sydney played throughout the OCE League Play.

Now, Alpha Sydney would suffer a loss during League Play to fellow LAN qualifiers, Sand Castle, which is the first team that JAM has to deal with. That was during Week 3 of Throwdown League Play from 16 April, which means it isn’t that far removed and Alpha Sydney is the only team to officially beat JAM RL during League Play. Can JAM RL survive Alpha Sydney less than one month after getting swept and just a few weeks removed from their big win at IEM Sydney? If they do the right research, probably. It’s a very difficult task, but not impossible for JAM Gaming.


Written by @Shalthis JAM Ambassador



Chris Bridle

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  • What can JAM do to maintain a strategic distance from a rehash this time? Click on the link As I specified over my last 2 articles, they have to deal with being more forceful and less pounding of the ball for separate objectives and more group plays and nearness shots. In all actuality, more hostile weight will bring about more objectives at any rate.
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